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Inspired by burlesque icon Dita Von Teese this lingerie set, nicknamed "Holy Chalice", was designed with strip tease performance in mind.


It features an invisibly boned waspie corset, strapless balconette bra and accompanying pair of fourchette-and-keystone style opera gloves.



This was my first foray into bra-making and corsetry and taught me a lot about specialist techniques. The back of the bra is completed with a nude illusion component in the style of Dita's classic costumes.

The costume was completed with over 4500 individually placed faceted rhinestone crystals.

Dita Von Teese is famed for her Martini, Absinthe and Champagne glass routines, hence 'Holy Chalice' which was ideated to follow the same performance structure.

'Holy Chalice' was an original design created for a hypothetical biopic TV series about Dita Von Teese. The rest of the costume scheme drew on some of the most pivotal and iconic moments in her life and career - such as Von Teese's debut as a fetish model, her wedding to which she wore an iridescent Vivienne Westwood gown and her work with Thierry Mugler. The aim of the project was to capture the essence of her aesthetic and personality, creating a consistent and dynamic portrayal of the "Queen of Burlesque".

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